LCD Display and Construction

LCD..! Here a first thing what stands for LCD? It’s a abbreviation of liquid crystal display. We are using LCD in many different kinds like laptop computers,CD players,Mobile screens,digital clocks,watches,night vision cameras and many other things.LCDs are replacement of CRT (cathode ray tubes) and it’s a big change in television technology. The first thing which we most require is power LCDs consume less power rather than CRTs but it gives high resolution display, its a thinner,Light weight,long life and big thing is less eyestrain.



LCD Display

LCD Display

Now here a point which things are called liquid crystals? The name liquid crystal sounds like a silly. Liquid and crystal two different things at once! Crystal is usually knows as hard as rock, and liquid is apparently different as all we know. So how two minor things is important in our life.
In Chemistry we studied about the common states of matter like solid,gaseous and liquid. Solids are like hard rock because the molecules of solids are stable and it’s always maintain their orientation and stay with respect to one another but in liquid it’s completely different. In liquid the molecules can move freely. When we combine liquid and crystal it give us dual nature like solid and liquid because they have stable molecules like in solid and they can also change their position like a liquid so liquid crystals is unique artificial matter.

Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystal


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